ESA - Support Group

Brown letter arrived yesterday afternoon from DWP. I was expecting it to be a date for my interview regarding ESA but no, it was advising me that I have been put into the Support Group, no interview, no appeal!

I was a bit shocked to say the least, after hearing all the horror stories. Big thanks to the Benefits at Work website and my fantastic mum, who asked the questions in a way I would understand and wrote my answers down in a way that made sense!

There’s hope for everyone.


Well done, had the same week before last, no medical. Alison x

I filled mine in a week or so ago on questions such as do I need help with cooking I said ‘no’ as my partner does all the cooking (I’m a terrible cook) also no to things like do I need any help with washing and getting dressed, thinking about it now it makes on the form sound like there is not a lot wrong with me except I can’t walk for long even with my stick. I see a rejection coming.

It sounds as though you have been too possitive about your situation. If your partner didn’t do the cooking could you chop and peel, stand in the kitchen etc. I suspect that your application will be rejected and that you will need to appeal. Before you do that, take a look at Benefits and Work who have excellent guides for PIP applications (which I guess this was since ESA don’t give a monkeys about cooking and dressing so long as you can hold a pen!)


Yes you’re right, if I was put in a situation in the kitchen where I had to chop and peel etc i would find that really difficult due to my balance, I was just trying to be honest on the form which I suspect may have made me look fairly sorted. Oh well, I will appeal if necessary.