ESA medical transport/health issues

Yesterday i was sent on wild goose chase by the advisor ringing to arrange appointment she told me first that i had to go to canterbury (difficult access for me) and expected me to get there. I asked if they could do home visit or closer so i can get there. i explained a taxi would cost 50.00 an d she said i would have to give reciept in to get giro in 10 days. i explained my mobility problems which she had in front of her before this negotiayion. After call i found i needed to change appointment as i forgot another prev made. Different avisor said he will arrange taxi provided by assessment centre, lady rang back confirmed taxi tryed rushing me on phone so told her to slow down. I believe the whole chardae was to check im ill but its made me worse im back on a crutch today. I have has 4 episodes this year, got a cold which inflammed my system, stress brought the last one on and im waiting for mri to completly confirm i need tysiabri as it cost nhs 25,000 a year. So IF i do relapse cos of medical assessment stress and yesterday who can i lodge a complaint with,comments appreciated

As it will be impossible to prove any relapse was linked to their behaviour, you won’t be able to complain about that, specifically. No medical evidence has ever conclusively proved stress causes relapses, and even if it had, you wouldn’t be able to show that it was definitely the stress of that, and nothing else in your life.

So basically, you can complain if you feel you’ve been unfairly or unreasonably treated, but NOT that it caused a relapse - even if you think it did. Nobody has ever been able to sue for someone’s incompetence causing a relapse. There just isn’t the scientific evidence.



hi thanks for your comment yes due to the red tape for one and you cant proove which stressor is responsible i cant do nothing here. However research has been ongoing re stress and depression and MS as yet as far as i know there is no direct link by a lot of researchers as yet but Kaplins work on unkind cytokines was interesting. The problem is a lot of research need to confirm the sam result and this can take some yeaars Im a Psychology undergraduate and have some understanding (not a great deal yet) of the process of research must take. So at this point stress being linlked to relapses cant be ruled out at this point (ony my opinion) as later research has the potential to proove otherwise. Sorry to go off on a tangent and thank you for clearly answering my question all the best

I'm open minded as to whether stress is a factor or not.

I wouldn't rule it out, but there doesn't seem to be a reliable link, and certainly not one that would stand up in a court of law.

Personally, I've had periods of extreme stress, including my father's terminal illness and death, when nothing happened at all.  And other times when I thought everything was just jogging along; no particular worries or stress, and along came a relapse.

So if there's a link, it can't be quite as simple as a one-to-one causal relationship, otherwise ALL traumatic events would lead to relapses.  But clearly they don't.

Maybe it's only if other conditions in the body are already favourable to the onset of a relapse?  Perhaps stress alone won't do it, but in combination with other (unknown) factors might?