ESA Benefit still trying to mess with me

Hiya everyone I hope everyone is OK as can be

I won my appeal Jan 17th however I was already tested 2013 and was put on the support group, the appeal made it so I would be on the supprt group an extra year and back payment when they cut off my benefit completely!

Because I am on controbution base makes everyone confused it seems… I called up last week to see how the progress of my appeal was going to ESA advicer and they told me they will be looking at it then said OH your controbutions are running out so you have to fill in a form, I said I didn’t think this counted when your on the supprt group and they said that doesn’t matter anymore you must fill out this form.

So they sent it to me it was a massive form to be re accessed again! ESA 3 (someone may know of this form).

So I took action and went to the citizens advice bureau and saw the man that helped me win my case.

They told him that I am on the support group and controbutions will be paid and last longer… I thought oh dear I knew I was right.

This false info is very bad I also suffer from OCD so I suffer from alot of panic attacks and worry so much it can mess with my MS and has done alot in the past :frowning:

So I hope they start looking up things before they start making people believe they are wrong and you have to do things that you don’t need to do.

At least it has all been sorted out now.

Who did you speak to before going to CAB, Moogle Star ? Was it Jobcentre+, DWP or some other department/body ?

I know that previously (in my personal experience), I’ve phoned Jobcentre+ repeatedly about ESA award and over several phone calls (…coz luckily we’re all made of money to start with) I spoke to several different advisers - and each of them seemed to have a different opinion !!

Now, to be fair some folk were extremely helpful (…if ill-educated about how claims worked) and some were downright unpleasant and of no help at all.

Congrats on going to the CAB promptly to help you - very wise move

Such a shame that this type of action is sometimes necessary before the correct resolution is effected.


It was department/body advisers, I agree with you none of them seem to say the same thing which makes everything very confusing! :stuck_out_tongue: