ESA assessment

I have been for an ESA assessment today and something the assessor said has got me paranoid, When I emptied my medication onto the desk I said oh there’s a dog hair in there. She said oh they get everywhere and said is it a… And said the breed of my dog. I don’t even think she saw the hair and now I think I ve been watched, the thing is I take my dog out when I can, maybe once a week and spend the rest of the day recovering. I feel physically sick thinking I’ve been watched and they will stop my money.

I doubt they’ve been watching you. You’d have to have been up to some nefarious behaviour to have warranted that. (Think just how many people there are claiming ESA!)

Does your dog actually have quite distinctive hair? Maybe the assessor actually did see the hair and has the same breed?

Perhaps you are overreacting to the stress of the assessment?

I hope so.


I think it was maybe a lucky guess by the assessor, why would they be watching you unless you have given them reason to in the past.

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She did say she had the same dog and he’s a common breed. I’ve just been stressing so much over this assessment I think I’m making it worse. Calmed down a bit now, had a glass of wine.

Does this help?

Guidance on Work Capability Assessment reassessment:

Perhaps she looked at your Facebook page. Do you have one?

Is there a photo of your dog?

This is part of the poxy problem with the DWP and their assessments. Just a small comment can cause immense stress and it was probably an innocent and meaningless comment. Poor JulesSeb has has a bloody stressful assessment made twice as bad.

I really hope you get the right decision from this crappy assessment Jules.


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