ESA and the Aids and Appliances rules

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I suffer with bowel incontinence and as a result this puts me into the Support group of ESA. My worry is that I may lose ESA completely as the new rules that came into force on the 30/01/2013 state that if anaid or an appliance can be used and the claimant could be reasonably expected to use it then I would not qualify for it.

I have severe mobility problems caused by the MS which make it difficult for me to get up and also for using the toilet. I have to use a raised toilet seat when I need to use it and I would find it very difficult to use an aid such as the persiteen as my balance even when sitting down with an RTS is shite to put it mildly! HELP!!!

Hi Andy, I’m sure the incontinence hasn’t changed. For bowel incontinence you should stay in the support group.

I think the aid and appliance rule is for wheelchair, walking stick, etc.

Don’t worry. I follow a whole bunch of disability groups on Twitter and Facebook and if that rule had changed I would have heard about.

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Hi Chubster,

With mobility aids you just have to show why you can’t use one.

For example I can’t self propel due to uncordination of my left arm, weakness and fatigue. I have pointed this out on the ESA50 so it would be appealable if they assessed my mobility in an imaginary w/chair. You have described why you can’t use the aid in question in your post so even if they were to begin to assess based on the use of incontinence aids (and I agree with Pat I’m pretty sure that they don’t) you would still be OK.


The only reason that I am asking this is cos of an article onthe benefits and work website which says that under the incontinence descriptor they will take the view that IF you could use an aid or an adaptation then you won’t qualify for it. I have just seen the continence nurses from my Community neuro team and they have suggested using a peristeen. The only problem that I can see with that is that it is doubtful that I will be able to use it as I have problems with my mobility and that would make it very difficult to use, especially when I am sitting on a raised toilet seat as well!


doesnt matter re raised seat. if u flap ur man bit to the side u can go in from the front!!! i have to cos cant access from the back-and i havent got a man bit!!!

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Cheers for that E! Knew that you could always give me huge smile and a great laugh! Hope that you n tribe are all well. :slight_smile: