and tell neuro… This morning lips ans tongue feel numb and strange electric shock sensations round lips and middle of tongue…im seriousily panicking here ive never felt this before will i lose ability to speak…well the other half will be happy with that anyone else ever had these weird sensations. I dont know how i will aprroach infectious diseases consultant about taking lyme antibiotics as a trial how can i persuade him to agree? As the serelogical testing for lyme is really tricky sometimes can only be confirmed by autopsy how do i donate my brain for medical research purposes obv now whilsy im alive i want lyme tested on my dead brain and a request for further information and research and a more effective blood test and longer antibiotics.

Hi i have had numbness on the left side of my face before, everything felt swollen although it wasn’t physically - very unsettling. Had mine in relapse and cleared up as the relapse turned to remission. Are you diagnosed with MS or are you being investigated? If the pain and numbness continue then i would see somebody before Tuesday - maybe your local A&E might be best if the pain is severe. . I know you can donate tissue to the MS tissue bank: . Don’t know anything about the lyme disease situation, sorry.

Best of luck.

Im under investigationthey found o bands in my lp

I have spoke to my doctor re the lymes disease as I can recollect me having to go to the Dermytologist with a bite. the markings around the bike was like a ring which over time travelled down my leg. The dermytologist at the time scratched his head and said that i was to come back if it did not clear. This was back in 2004 . I spoke to my GP this morning and asked that I have some antibiotics to see if they make any difference. She explained that the anti biotics that would be needed are high doses and more than what they could prescribe/possible IV. Normal antibiotics would not touch if it had been left undiagnosed for long period. if normal/regular antibiotics were appropriate I would have irradiated it when I last had a bad chest infection She also said that my markers would be raised which they are not. I am happy with her explanation, but she did say to mention it to the consultant when I see him . I expect that doctors use evidence based practice and if there is no evidence that you have lymes and or they have already ruled it out (by bloods/markers) there is little chance thattheywouldadminister antibiotics for this on your request. i am not sure that infectious disease consultant would be the right person to discuss this with as lymes is not an infectious disease. I know it is a notifiable one but infectious? I may be wrong. Guess to donate your body for research it is about signing a donor card, I think that has a bit on there about research. I know it used to. the bit about when you die you would like an autopsy, I guess that would be down to the coroner to make that decision. Whether you can influence such autopsy in the event of your death I would possibly speak to your GP and get your concerns noted on file. Regards Yvette