EPs on hands and feet

Hello all,

I had EPs on my hands and feet today. Has anyone else had this? The electrode thing wasn’t very nice but bearable. The needle in the leg bit was worse. Anyway, am I the only one that keeps trying to second guess at every point? The doctor/nurse/EP person said all was fine until the needle bit then seemed to start concentrating hard and pulling the needle in and out to different depths. Then she asked if I did a lot of exercise, at which point I did ask whether she thought I looked like I did a lot of exercise as I clearly don’t…anyone know why she would ask that? She went on to ask me how many children I had which I took as the bell of ominous doom and gloom… Someone tell me I’m overreacting!!

Best to everyone.

SB x

bump - happy fathers day everone - Lucy :slight_smile: