Good morning guys, I was lying in bed 06:50 and I had an epiphany! I wanted to get up exercise/go swimming it was a lovely feeling. The other feeling was I think these antidepressants are working, I would put a smiley face if I could? After trying to find how to spell epiphany I’m kna££ered. I am going to try just to live in the now and not think what’s round the corner, I would send a heart if I could, Mx

That’s a lovely post and has made my day!

The NOW is a great place to be…

John Lennon fell in love with Yoko Ono when he went to an exhibition of her art. There was a white step-ladder that went up to a hole in the ceiling. He climbed the ladder and looked into the hole and there was a big sign that read YES.

Don’t know about spelling epiphany… I am full of admiration that you remembered such a wonderful word.

Enjoy your Wednesday…

Pat xxx (lots of smiley’s M to make up for your lack of them… hope you get smiley usage back soon!)

Hi M Great to hear that you’re feeling so good - brilliant that the anti Ds are finally working. Living day to day is definitely the way to go! Long may this continue! Teresa xx


Get into your day and make it pay. Kick the ass of the beast. I’ve got a scooter waiting to be fired up to scream into town. If only it would stop raining.

Best wishes.

Steve it will stop raining soon. I am glad the tablets are working I love my antidepressants. Have a good now

Cheers guys, seize the now - I love ‘kick the ass of the beast’ be safe M x

Hi Steve, dont let rain stop your play. I have one of those pvc coveralls. It cost around £25 and does the job.

luv Pollx

I agree with Poll… get a coverall & also I’ve got a clear plastic thing that covers the dials and key bit on scooter. Got it on disabled aids site.

Pat x