as we become more disabled do we have less energy or is the energy there the but the disability stops us utilising this energy?

With me I feel the energy is still there but my worsening mobility issues make everything such an enormous chore, I find I run out of steam.

Totally agree.

Mags xx


who knows? depends on the individual! i have always been impulsive and try most things once sort of girl BUT i have learnt to live with that through less impulsive and more planning. its hard but neither am i going to cut off my nose to spite my coupon!

annoyingly positive (yes, i have called that several times!) ellie

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do we actually become increasingly disabled because the body can’t make/produce enough energy?

Hi Poppy i have noticed of late i can barely do much without filling like a steam engine which needs more coal. I cant barely breathe and catch my breath, i have to literally just rest then i can feel my energy slowly returning but nothing like it used to be. Yes everything is now an enormous chore.

I am seeing my GP on friday i feel awful all the time now, even my ankles keep swelling my care worker is worried about me, as she has said in the last few months its like i am a balloon and the air is slowly trickling out lol.

This is something that I have been concerned about in recent weeks. I can’t do as much as I used to and I need to rest for longer to recuperate. For example, Hubby and I had a week in Yorkshire at the end of July. I was active on four days with two lazy days. I was tired out, to put it politely, at the end of each active day. After we got home I needed a week to get over the holiday. We’re going to Lincoln for the Bank Holiday weekend. Hubby wants me to rest this week to try to make sure that I have enough energy for the weekend. I’m not sure it works that way. I don’t think my body is a battery that can be charged up for future use.

Mum always said that the less you do, the less you want to do. I’m worried that the less I do, the less I’ll be able to do. My muscles are bound to get weaker through lack of use. But I’m not sure what to do to prevent this if I tire so easily. Or is it chicken and egg - I tire easily because I’m not active enough, but I can’t be more active because I tire easily.

I’d be grateful for any advise on exercise. My neuro-physiotherapist has advised against weight bearing exercise because of problems with my left ankle, so I don’t do daily walks any more. I’m thinking of buying an exercise bike, which she reckons may help my ankle. Any other suggestions?

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Hi, I was thinking it`s a chicken and egg game.

Energy is reducing in me. My muscles are wasting and the result is just a flabbier me!

I recently experienced even more than usual fatigue (have we decided to ditch that word?),

because I increased my amitriptyline by 25mg a night…my tablets come in 50mg and 25mg only…and the extra did help with the pain, but zapped me.

This morning I have rung the doc and asked for a script for 10mg tablets. They said ok to that.

We`ll see how it goes on 85mg a night rather than 100mg.



how do all these questions find their way into your head?!

watch current life isn’t missed as u question the past and future!


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he`s probably got too much spare time and is over thinking…sounds very much like me!