Had an endoscopy yesterday because of acid reflux symptoms and right sided back/shoulder stiffness. All that was found was gastritis and biopsy took for h pylori bug. I still don’t know why i have right sided back/shoulder stiffness/pain everyday that seems to be getting worse. It’s even started feeling stiff in the top of my right arm too. All my bloods are ok. I am having an abdominal ultrasound on saturday to check my gallbladder. Anyone else have these issues with ms? I don’t see my neuro until next month.

Hi Zipster

Shoulder pain and stiffness, could be the result of many things. Arthritis, bad posture…do you use a walking stick?

Have you seen you doc about it? You may need an x-ray.

I get shoulder pain but I know the cause…arthritis in my neck.

Good luck


No i don’t use a walking stick. I had an x ray of my right shoulder on Monday so haven’t had the results yet.