Hi everyone.

I have been bothered for a while now with heartburn and acid reflux.

now I have got a cough which won’t go away GP gave me tablets for heartburn which have been a great help.

sometimes when I eat my dinner I find it difficult to swallow.because of all this my doctor wants me to get a endoscopy which I am really scared about getting.

i just wondered if anybody else has suffered these symptoms and also has anyone went through a endoscopy so that I can not worry so much.

thanks Anne.x

Hi Anne, yes I have had an endoscopy, I have Hiatus hernia which causes me to cough, I’m on Lansoprisole, which helps. I do have throat narrowing though, this is due to Scleroderma, which has caused scarring & the MS has made everything slow down. I just have to be careful what I can eat, otherwise I cope. Don’t be scared about the endoscopy, I am presuming you will be under anaesthetic? I did have the 1st investigation with a tube through the nose, they give you a spray 1st, a little uncomfortable, but nothing major. I had lovely mushroom soup after the procedure, I was starving! trust me if all you can think about is food after the op, like me, you will be fine Tracey x


I suffered for ages with heartburn and problems swallowing when I was eating. It turned out I had two ulcers, I was put on a six week course of lansoprazole which healed the ulcers. Now I am just on a low dose once a day.

I only opted for my throat sprayed when I had the camera down. That way as soon as they had finished I could go home.

The hole process with the camera was uncomfortable but manageable and it’s over very quickly. And the Dr and nurses kept talking to me throughout. So try not to worry about having it done.

I used to get a lot of heartburn and indegestion and my GP sent me for cardiac investigation.

Luckily it turned out to be a I’d reflux.

Lansoprazole keeps it all away now.

Hopefully that’s what they’ll find and it will be fine.

Fingers crossed for you hun.


Hi Tracy.

thanks for that info I have been told that I am getting a sedative…

so I hope I don’t feel anything.

thanks again Anne.x

Hi Annie,

with a sedative you wont feel a thing so please do not worry. I had an endoscopy without sedation a fair few years ago and it wasn’t that bad but would have rather had the sedation. I had cataract surgery with sedation and was fully aware in a nice sort of way what was going on.

So you will be fine, just remember if you drive you wont be allowed to for 24 hours.

Thanks everyone for your kind replies it has made me feel a good bit better.I was going to try without a sedative but I dont know if I could stay still so I might still go for sedative I am such a coward.


Coward nope, sensible yes.smiley

Hi I had one done last year. I had the anaesthetic , when I first arrived I had to complete a form and sighed it, just normal procedure then was taken to another room and had my blood pressure taken and then a cannula put into my hand so I was already for the procedure, after about 10minutes I was taken into the procedure room and asked to lie on my left hand side and then they asked me if I was having anaesthetic and I confirmed I was, they were really kind so don’t worry they then started to give me it through my cannula. That was the last thing I remembered until I woke up afterwards and I couldn’t believe I’d had it done! It only took 15 minutes from start to coming round. Please don’t worry! I’m sure you’ll be fine.

i think it’s the unknown we are afraid of!

Ann x

I had two, awake. I wanted to see what they were doing! It is very brief, in the scheme of things. They even showed me the screen so I could see what it looked like as they were doing it. They made me a cup of tea after and gave me a choccy biscuit. I told her I never have these at home and she gave me two. I always think that whatever they are doing can’t be too bad as long as it isn’t a pipe up the bum!!

I had a pipe up the bum AND I watched it go all the way to the caecum.

I can now claim, with complete confidence, that I am a Complete Arse.

(and have the paperwork to prove it.)

Me too AD, me too​ in all aspects


just wanted to thank everyone again for your kind replies.

it is a great help but I am still really scared.


My arse has been a movie star too!! Planning the sequel now sadly I won’t be awake to watch it.

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I’m sure it’ll be easier once you get to the point of having it. The nurses are used to people having trouble swallowing and I’m quite sure that almost everyone who has an endoscopy feels at the very least, apprehensive about it.

Hopefully all will be well and while it’s not pleasant, it will be over fairly quickly. And once you’ve had the test they’ll be able to address the problems you have much better.