enbrol and ms

Hi ive been taking enbrol injections for 3years for severe phsoriasis and anklosing spondylitus, i am now waiting for another mri and lp as i have many ms symptoms unfortunatly taking enbrol can cuase ms has anybody else had this happen to them xx


I just wanted to send you a ((hug)) as we all need a hug at the moment I reckon.

Good luck with the tests

Paula xx

aww thankyou sending big hugs back xx

Hi Jackie x I don’t know anything about your question but I’m in the mood for flinging and catching a few hugs tonight too!! xxjenxx

Hello Jackie,

I also have Ankylosing Spondylitis and at one time I did use the Enbrel injections but found they didn’t help me at all.

Having said that I also have Lupus which could have been brought on by using the Enbrel, but the doc’s proved that it wasn’t the Enbrel that induced the Lupus.

I have SPMS and nothing at all has been said that Enbrel induced it. Like me if you have MS, the symptoms could have been masked by the Ankylosing Spondylitis as they are very similar. I also have APS.

PM me if you want to speak more on the subject. I wish you the best of luck.