Emptying the bladder

Hello good people.

As a frequent visitor to the great white bowl, it always annoys me that I just know I’ll see it again very soon. Now I can only speak for me as a great hunk of a man but I’ve been looking for effective ways of emptying out in one visit.

My latest is working quite well. I apply pressure to the very base of my under carriage just where the scrotum meets the rest of me. It’s reduced my visits. It still takes a while however. But I’m not complaining. Any other tips from the men folk?


Hi Steve I was like you often needing the loo and not emptying fully, then I found about self catheterising, I used a speedicath compact from coloplast Have a look at the website and try a sample, it transformed my toilet habits, it’s very discrete can be carried in a pocket, nobody needs to know. Give it a go Hope this helps Andrew

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Hi Steve I use intermittent self catheterisation. Sounds bad but it is really easy and you know your bladder is empty. See a continent nurse. Hope this helps. Tony

I used a sheath and a bag as I got worse then self catheter then indwelling catheter and now a supra pubic. Takes your choice Steve. They all work.


TwoTwojob I am seeing one this Friday for something other than pee that’ll be novel!!


Hi Steve,

My bladder refuses to acknowledge the rules of etiquette when in the company of polite society.

Like Don I use the sheath and bag method so that no one knows what’s going on underneath my trousers. However, as the bladdy thing never fully empties, I occasionally self catheterise.

Andrew, congratulations on your first anniversary since you joined the forum.



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Hi Steve, I too also spend most of my time at the big white hole. I am going in on the 6th of December to have my bladder Botoxed. Heard nothing but great things about it. Might be worth reading the replies I got to my post “bladder Botox” and see what you think! Anyway, hope you find an answer that suites you. Take care. Tony


Just about to write a post on the subject, so watch this space…

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It’s a game changer :slight_smile: