Emptying drainage bag with tremors in hands - help required

Hi there,

My husband has just had an indwelling catheter temporarily fitted till he has a Suprapubic fitted however he is finding it difficult to empty with his tremors.

Does anyone else have this problem and worked around it?



Does he empty into a bottle or the loo,and is he in a wheelchair?



Hi Pip

He empties or tries to empty into a urine bottle and at present not very mobile.


If he is trying to empty sitting down would it help if he had a large bowl to aim at on his lap?

I would have a word with the continence team to see if there is anything they could suggest or maybe try OT.

I understand his need to maintain dignity and independance but when the tremors are really bad would he for now let someone else do it?

Sorry I cant be of more help.


To use the old phrase - ‘Been there, Done that’. Nowadays, it is 100% better with the Suprapubic catheter and my wife says that you can get a ‘helper’ for nothing. Your Doctor should be able to give advice about the ‘tremors in the hands’


I am the helper when at home but when he is alone he finds ways but I have told him that everything says that you shouldn’t allow the tap to touch anything else or he will have an infection…

The district nurse I could tell had no idea how to put on the leg bag I leanrt more from the internet. She tied the straps around the tubing stopping urine from going into the bag a big no no…Sometimes I wonder what training these district nurses have had… Sorry if that sounds harsh if you are one but I am just talking from experience of the one I have met.

Have you had any joy with what hubby can do to help?



Look up Manfred Sauer - its a company that specialise in ‘incontinence products’ - and many of the staff are disabled/wheelchair users who have designed products to suit there needs. l use their ‘bags’. lf you ring and speak to someone l am sure they will give you lots of advice.