Emotionally drained..pls help!

Morning! Hope you are good.

Had a bad night last night. Dont think i slept till 3am. Just got really emotional. Its 3 months since i been diagnosed but the enormity of my situation hits me daily. I wil be ok and try and get on with things and then BAM it hits me like omg this is never gna go bla bla bla.

Do any of you have any wise words? Could do with some right about now!!!


much love x

Best thing I can suggest is seeing a counsellor. It helped me masses and others usually say the same. Being able to offload to a stranger who won't judge and you can't hurt / worry is a huge relief.

Your GP should be able to refer you to someone.

Karen x

Councelling is of great benefit. I have had councelling and CBT to help overcome difficult times for me.

I would certainly ask for more if/when I feel I need it again.