emotional rollercoaster

how and why does this have to be in seemingly minutes you go from yes i can face this to no its not going

to get better it’s just too much. you can throw in a little emotional lability which turns you into a blubbering mess

at the slightest provocation !! talk about hidden (or not so hidden symptoms?) and add to the mix common ignorance

most people just don’t understand but then again if you have never been effected then why should you?

Life can be just great


hi simon you are so right about it being an emotional roller coaster. i’m 10 years on from diagnosis so by now i have accepted that it’s my lot in life. however i take time to have fun as well. MOST people don’t understand or even want to understand but there will be some who have enough emotional intelligence to empathise. my social circle has changed completely. life can still be great. carole x

Hi Simon,

Yes, a roller coaster I’m afraid we can’t get off. No one understands, not even anyone else with MS as we all have different symptoms.

I just try and make sure I’ve got something nice to look forward to to keep me going. A nice meal with friends, a few days away, a trip to the theatre etc.

Just think of more positives than negatives.


hi both, thanks for the replies and honestly i do try and be as positive as i can after 25 or so years i realize that is all we can do. I have just received what i see as probably the best or understanding passing comment from a college instead of the usual ‘you ok’ or ‘you alright’ he simply said ‘coping’ which i think sums up what we do, cope the best we can Simon


My way of coping is to make the most of the good stuff and try and learn from the bad bits.