Emotional Meltdown

Over the last 4 weeks I have had to massive emotional meltdowns. Admittedly the first one was when I had shingles, and the second one was the same afternoon when I came home from Hospital after having my Tysabri.

My poor husband does not know what to do for the best… sadly he gets it full blast.

Is this a normal thing for MS ? Im getting pretty worried about it… I seem to lose all sense of reality and just implode with an emotional meltdown.

Am I on the verge of a breakdown ???


I don’t know about MS but it sounds completely normal for someone who is stressed. Shingles can be nasty and painful on top your normal MS symptons (normal??? - what is a ‘normal’ MS sympton I hear you ask).

If you are really worried speak to some-one. I’m sure your doctor can recommend a counsellor who will help.

And if you have red-hair then the temper is completely normal

Take care

So, if I’m reading correctly between the lines, these “massive meltdowns” each lasted less than a day, or possibly less than half a day, and both were when severely stressful stuff was going on?

To my mind, that’s not a sign of mental illness - either current, or imminent. Don’t you think it might be a normal reaction, when upsetting shit happens?

I know the Tysabri infusion could (should?) be seen as a positive thing, but I’m sure it’s still very stressful going to have it. You should see the state I get in about the hospital (throwing up!) and that’s only for my routine reviews, and not having anything done at all. Nobody wants to have to go to hospital, for any reason - unless perhaps to have a baby. Even if we know deep down it’s supposed to be for our own good.