EMG testing fun !!

Hi everyone have been absent for a while and thought I should pop back and contribute as it might help someone. A bit of background I started with fatigue and flu like symptoms with a lacy rash after going swimming November 2010, put it down to a virus and tried to ignore it. Since then had lots of episodes and symptoms which include proprioception issues, vestibular disturbances, migraines, visual problems, parasthesia and lots of others.

One of the main constants are fatigue and fasciculations, had MRi and contrast MRI found a pineal cyst, tried medication to help with leg cramps and restless legs but no joy. Slowly going down hill even my larynx is becoming affected so I sound quite butch lol. Have recently had EMG and we’ve conduction study and was told straight away that I have some degree of peripheral nerve hyper excitability and am awaiting full results. I feel I’m nearer to some answers than I hav ever been. I have a cold which is now 4 weeks old and have developed bronchitis, what they are calling laryngitis but they feel it could be neuro muscular and sinusitis. Been told this is because my body doesn’t have chance to rest hence why it has lingered.

EMG testing is Pretty straight forward I was really worried but it didn’t hurt at all only the nerve conduction study and even then it’s only mild electric shocks. It’s about as annoying as the noise from an MRI but as easily forgotton. Will post on this thread when I get my results hope you are all in good spirits xxx

Glad to hear the EMG went well and that you’re getting closer to an answer :slight_smile:

Do let us know what happens next.

Karen x