Emerging research optic neuritis

In preparation for my neurology appointment on Saturday I thought I’d do some research. Papers were hard going. Anyway an episode of clinically diagnosed optic neuritis results in a 50 percent chance of Ms. Much higher if there were lesions on the baseline mri. Anyway after my incidence my baseline mri was clear 10 years ago it wasn’t the norm to look for evidence in the spinal fluid following ON if the Mri was clear. Now it’s seen as standard practice. Emerging practice from neurologists is to not weight with significant importance symptoms which do not define a clear neurological event. Hence I can see why many people may struggle with diagnosis. ON definetely is a neurological event one of the most significant in ms terms. Hence a high degree of importance, in theory should be attached to it. For anyone that finds interesting I recall it taking at least 6 months to diagnose On requiring a whole range of Optic neurological tests. Hope this may be helpful Love to all