embrassing question - one for the ladies

I am glad I decided to post this as it is good to know that I’m not th only one that has this iissue and got some really good ideas to try. Will contact tampax as well. Might talk to doctor as wellas about ooptions as well. Thanks everyone Barney

Yikes I’m quite concerned by bull dog clip idea as I am very accident prone and likely to miss!!!

[quote=“Bambi19”] It’s funny you should post about this as I also have the same problem, I emailed them last week suggesting a loop attachment, I had a response to say that they were looking into my enquiry & would get back to me shortly. Watch this space. [/quote] I might be wrong as I’ve not bought them for years but, don’t lilets have a twisted string that’s knotted at the end? If so, that could be easier to remove surely as you could use that like a loop? Sonia x

What about one of them long plastic clips you used to get for keepin your cereal fresh? You could clasp it shut over ther string then you’ve got a good handle to pull with? They come in a variety of colours too

Thanks everyone for suggestions.