Elf name?


For Pat,

Inspired by by a little pic I saw on facebook today, silly yes but it made me giggle, I thought some of you might want a name for your little elf! An affectionate name for when you’re swearing or kicking the lttle devil :wink:

Fuzzy Dancing-Elf x

Mine would be called Fuddle because it has made my brain and body f… (very) muddled. I’d love to see other suggestions too. Have a nice day everyone, cold but dry here in the Lakes, still hibernating.

Cath xx

Can’t tell you the name your link gave my little elf Sonia !! Very rude! Ha ha! Think mine will just be my cheeky little elf…with a suitable adjective in front for the really bad days! Very wet and windy here in Herefordshire …as yet no sign of the snow that was forecast for this week . Have a good day everyone, Nina x

Oooh good question!

Mine too is a cheeky little elf like Nina’s… will have a good think for a name.

Was terrible weather this morning… sleet and hail (or is it hale?)… anyway the sun is shining now and quite beautiful out… but me and my elf are going to put our feet up and watch telly!

Pat x

Fuzzy is being ok this morning actually, allowed me to book pre-sale tickets for my fave band at 9am this morning and only messed up one page of it :wink: It made my heart race but I was able to book :slight_smile: When Fuzzy isn’t happy, that could have gone horribly wrong!

I’m shocked and horrified that a BBC site is dishing out rude names! :0 tut, tut, tut! Sonia x

This was on my Twitter today! Too much of a coincidence. I think my ‘Elves Cause MS’ is gaining momentum. Pxxx

Dweebo Deercrap calling. My sister in law calls me deeb already and where I live is well populated with deer and all their fringe benefits. Thats it then-DD for short. On some days there may be some colourful prefixes. Good wishes.

Bigred candystick here - rather like it as I have a very sweet tooth! May even decorate the christmas tree with candycanes - Elf permitting.

Oops, I’m sticking with Fuzzy as mine is a bit rude on this one :wink:

I liked that twerking was one of them, I may no longer be able to slink in a pair of high heels but I can still twerk (for the unitiated, it is not that stupid move that Miley Cyrus got so much coverage for!) but does require excellent muscle control/isolation :wink: and is a bit cheeky!

Sonia x

Anyone heard of the Elf on the Shelf. My friend was telling me her Elf on the Shelf helps her class behave. Her Elf left the classroom and left a note saying he would not return until the children managed to work more quietly because they had given him a headache. After lunch the Elf returned to his shelf complete with a pair of earmuffs. The children and the Elf leave notes for each other. Apparently Elf on the Shelf is widespread. I’d never heard of him before.