Effect of Fatigue on Mood

Hi everyone

I just wondered if anyone found a correlation between their fatigue and mood…? For example I have felt quite fatigued today and my mood has been pretty low all evening. Does anyone else feel the same…?

Thanks :slight_smile:


I find fatigue and mood are definetly linked, I have been quite fatigued lately and my mood had been quite low. Exercise i think helps both mood and fatigue and gives me a sense of purpose

They are definitely linked. Not sure what the best solution is to keep energy and mood both high. Pilates helps but exercise where I drip with sweat really doesn’t. I also take 5-HTP 100mg (Healthspan) which is converted to serotonin, the feel good chemical.

Good weather is a real mood lifter for me too.

Yep me to I am very grumpy when fatigued Don

Yes fatigued and thoroughly pd off. Also chronically constipated which ps me off as well and exhausts me Min xx