Eating/Swallowing problems and Antivirals

Eating/Swallowing difficulties and Antivirals

Guys...(I am posting this here in addition to awaiting diagnosis as I feel some of you guys may have experienced this and may be able to help me)

I've had transverse myelitis since March 2012 and was slowly on the mend, left mainly with muscle pain and extreme fatugue - enough to keep me off work.

So I'm not diagnosed with ms but I became unwell a couple of weeks ago, back to being practically bedridden and began experiences eating difficulties during that time;

- unable to empty mouth of food during swallowing

- food entering windpipe and choking whilst eating

- lost my gag reflex

As I became "better" in around 8 days after seeing my GP who gave me a high dose of antivirals.

I thought all the swallowing issues had gone away as I got better, however I had a little food come back up last night after finishing a meal which caused me to really choke again.

Two questions really on my mind....

1. Does this sound like an ms relapse and

2. Does anyone know if the quick improvement in my health was due to the antivirals??

Many thanks, Gill



I have in the past 12months struggled with swallowing,sometimes after my injection but not as bad these days,still have the odd occasion

I spoke to my nurse about this and recommended i saw a speech therapist as sometimes more than usual i stutter some words or csnt grt the words out properly