Eating/Swallowing difficulties and Antivirals


I've had transverse myelitis since March 2012 and was slowly on the mend, left mainly with muscle pain and extreme fatugue - enough to keep me off work.

So I'm not diagnosed with ms but I became unwell a couple of weeks ago, back to being practically bedridden  and began experiences eating difficulties during that time;

- unable to empty mouth of food during swallowing

- food entering windpipe and choking whilst eating

- lost my gag reflex

As I became "better" in around 8 days after seeing my GP who gave me a high dose of antivirals.

I thought all the swallowing issues had gone away as I got better, however I had a little food come back up last night after finishing a meal which caused me to really choke again.

Two questions really on my mind....

1. Does this sound like an ms relapse and

2. Does anyone know if the quick improvement in my health was due to the antivirals??

Many thanks, Gill

No idea about the antivirals other than if it was MS they wouldn't have had any effect. But whether it was a coincidence or you actually had a virus, I really couldn't say. I guess the fact that there was a dramatic improvement suggests that it was a virus though. Viruses also tend to exacerbate existing symptoms and even bring back old symptoms so that would explain how badly it hit you. They can also trigger relapses, so please be extra kind to yourself until you're feeling much better.

If you have any doubts at all, then you should contact your neuro - he/she's the expert (unlike me!).

I hope last night was just a blip.

Karen x


You really are a great help, and your answer makes sense.... I felt like I'd been hot by a lorry.

My GP got me an urgent referral back to neuro who was brilliant is is re-doing MRI's due to new symptoms and over 3 months since this began, and investigating gastro issues so am in great hands.

You don't start wondering all these things until you're feeling a little better and on your own :-)

Love GIll