Eating out

I also know eating out can be hard too if in a wheelchair, so many things to consider. Ramps, toilets and is the table suitable for eating from whilst in a wheelchair. my solution was to bring top food from my kitchen at home and in our safe surroundings. #cookerysos look me up on Twitter, Ice Cold Chef

Hi, I generally dine out once a week. I manage better, to get comfortably up to a table, if it is a round one.

If it is a square table and I can get at the corner, I do better too. It`s the control on my wheelie that sticks out and gets in the way.

A friend of mine, altered her control by putting it on a twister arm and she could fold it out of the way. Clever lady our theorising!

Last week, at my daughter`s wedding, a round table was specifically requested and it was made available, as there are only square or long ones usually!

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