Eastbourne. A tale of two resorts.

Hello good people.

I know I have already posted about the Eastbourne Airbourne but I now present my full report concerning the great panoply of emotions and reactions to a rather splendid day out.

Best wishes, Steve.


That was a lovely read Steve. :slight_smile: Having lived in the Eastbourne area for many years and raising my family there, before moving away, it brought back memories and I feel a little nostalgic now. Really lovely.


Hi Steve

Lovely blog, as usual, thanks for taking the time to do it.

I love the seaside, big kid at heart, all aspects of it, but in particular, watching the sea and listening to the waves…hubby always says I am very easily pleased.

As a child I could spend all day building sand castles, putting little flags on them, then making a moat and up and down fetching water, I always loved it, and still do.

Never really got the interest in aeroplanes, we live quite close to Fairford, where they have a huge display from across the world, and thousands of people go for the weekend, but it has never intrigued me, but each to their own. Good job we are all different, enjoying lots of varied activities.

Pam x