Early symptoms of ms


I keep reading that vision problems and fatigue can be early symptoms of ms. As some of you may know i dont have a dx as yet, im still having tests. However vision problems have not been around from the onset of my symptoms, fatigue as been a big problem for me along with bladder problems, balance and dizziness. Also quite new is the feeling of crawling, numbness and muscle spasms.

Maybe i dont have ms or im not having typical symptoms.

Any thoughts of this please…

Thanks Christine

Hi Christine, I was diagnosed with ppms in August last year as have had walking issues for years and had back problems. It was only when I was sent for a back MRI scan which came virtually clear so was then referred to a Neurologist who sent me for a brain an neck scan which resulted in being told I had ppms. I also have major walking problems which means when out I have to use a wheelchair. Balance, bladder and muscle spasms are also a problem. The bladder problems have now been sorted by me now having to chatherterise which has I can honestly say has changed my life

Good Luck

Polly x

Hi Christine, there are not really any typical symptoms. The MS is in the central nervous system so that really it can affect any part of body, or mind (confusion or memory) or emotions, all depending where the lesions are located.

Generally people with RRMS tend to get more problems with the optic nerve, although some people with PPMS also will be affected. I have double-vision and lots of movement in periphery vision, but not everyone has that. I’ve never had a problem with optic nerve.

It’s best not to worry too much about ‘typical symptoms’ as everyone with MS will have different symptoms. Fatigue is experienced by most people with MS, inc PPMS, but I met someone who was quite disabled with PPMS and had never had a problem with fatigue. So it goes to show how variable it can be.

Pat xx

Hi Christine

its true what Pat is saying there is no one list of symptoms each person is different so don’t worry if you don’t fit into the pigeon holes

hope you get a DX soon I know how frustrating it is I’ve still not got one after 2 years

Mac x

Hi Christine. It’s so true what the others have said about the symptoms, most of us on here have progressive ms but if you read the comments you’ll see that each of us has a different combination, the severity varies and some of us are affected badly at times and the symptoms may ease a bit at other times. Unfortunately with this illness diagnosis is very difficult too. Many of us spent years in limbo and even then it’s different in many of our cases how they came to the conclusion that we definitely have ms.

It’s not like anaemia or a chest infection where a blood test or x ray gave a definite diagnosis. MRI scans, Lumbar Punctures and history combined with neurological examinations are all taken into account and unless any one of those tests give a definite positive diagnosis, it’s difficult for the doctor to state that you definitely have the condition, and even then it’s harder for them to diagnose the type of ms you have.

Limbo is a very difficult place to be, I found it very stressful. Even after that when I got my dx I went through another bad patch, coming to accept it but after a while I was just grateful to have answers. Whatever stage you’re at, there’s always people here who can try to help and support you so feel free to ask if you need help.

Take care

Cath x

Thanks Polly. I can relate to your initial symptoms but some of my symptoms ease off a little but never really go away. ut when i look back many years i have had problems which happened the odd time.

Im second guessing what they all could mean at the moment.

Thanks Christine

Thanks Pat,

Did you ever find it difficult to describe any of your symptoms. Im finding it difficult as symptoms change often and i feel that no-one will believe one person can have so many things going wrong with them.

My eyes are playing tricks with me, as well as objects appearing often from the side im also getting a flash of light when i move my eyes. I notice it more in certain light.

It really help me talk to people like yourself on here, real people who understand even if this turns out to be something other than ms.

Thanks Christine

Thanks Mac,

Can i ask if your still having tests or are waiting to see if there are any changes.?

Thanks Cath,

I feel like ive been in limbo along time and didnt even know it. I was diagnosed with M.E. and fibro along with other things. However things have moved along and alot of my new symptoms do not fit with my dx i have already.

My neuro said that 30% of people referred to neurology never get a diagnosis, at times this makes me feel i am wasting my time telling him about new symptoms.

Thanks Christine

Don’t give up Christine, it can be a long road to DX, it was for lots of us, but if it is MS, it will show something eventually.

In the interim your GP (or neuro) can offer medication to help with symptoms, which I agree are sometimes hard to describe. I think some things I feel, family and friends would think I have lost the plot!

Lovely thing about this forum, is that we all understand, well I should say one of the lovely things.

Hang in there, things will get easier.

Pam x

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