Early symptoms?? Maybe....

Hi, This is my first time on this site and I’m looking for some advice/support. I was diagnosed with optic neuritis about 2 months ago, after I lost the upper half of my vision and had severe pain on moving my eye. vision has returned. I have also had some bladder problems (very embarrassing loss of control) and a sudden, no warning urge to go. I had an MRI which came back as normal. I’m now waiting for an appointment for a lumbar puncture and a repeat MRI. I don’t really understand why as I thought a normal MRI would rule out MS? The past few days I have been experiencing a tight band around my chest, where I sometimes feel like I can’t breathe. Today walking around I experienced pins and needles in my foot, but only for a few minutes, and a burning sensation in my toes. I also have a tight, painful type of muscle pain down my right side from my lower to middle back. It worsens on movement but I haven’t done anything I can think of to cause it. Does anyone know if MS can not show on an MRI? The neurologist has advised the doctor to keep a close eye on my syomtoms and basically ‘watch and wait’. I feel so frustrated as I am completely aware something is just not right but feel in limbo. I have been diagnosed with anemia and low ferritin levels so this could attribute to some of my symptoms

hi ange

what a worrying time for you.

wayward bladders are easily helped by the bladder and bowel clinic, ask your doctor to refer you or you can self refer.

your back pain and the tight band sound like muscle spasms.

there are meds that can help but be warned - they all have side effects.

fasten your safety belt because it can be a bumpy ride.

wishing you well

carole x

Hello Ange

Well, your symptoms do sound a bit MS-y. But that doesn’t mean you have MS. There are other diagnoses that present in similar ways, including vitamin and mineral deficiencies, as you’ve discovered.

A clear brain MRI could be enhanced by contrast dye and then show tiny little lesions. Or you could have lesions in your spine. Although spinal lesions couldn’t be responsible for optic neuritis.

So it seems you have entered the ‘wonderful’ world of limbo. Where you have symptoms but no diagnosis. Just more tests and nervous fingernail chewing.

Whatever the results of the tests, feel free to run thoughts, fears, questions and worries past us. And let us know what happens.

Best of luck.


Thanks for your comments. Awaiting a date for lumbar puncture and hopefully some answers…although I’m not holding my breath. Thanks again