Early Symptoms - awaiting diagnosis.

I’m twenty three and i’m also 11 weeks post partum (I have a divine new baby girl!)

for at least the last 8 weeks I’ve been experiencing some strange symptoms.

The first thing I noticed was a trickling feeling down the right side of my spine. It sometimes feels like someone is pouring ice cold water down my back, other times it feels like slight vibrations. I noticed it starts when I bend my head or sit forward and occasionally while I’m laying down.

More concerning for me is that I’m falling over fairly regularly and actually hurting myself. I’m bumping into things and am truly covered head to toe in bruises.

I have a strange feeling on the tips of my fingers that feels like I’m getting paper cuts every time I touch things

Im also extremely forgetful - the other day I left my baby bag in a car park. Embarrassingly I also forgot my little girl in the car the other day (only got a few steps away but it happened none the less.) I lose items that I literally just had in my hands.

So my doctor suggested MS based on symptoms but mentioned my neurological exam was normal. My next step is a CT scan to check for any abnormalities. I’m trying to find differential diagnoses but am not finding my symptoms really match with anything. I can kinda relate to other symptoms of MS (constipation, sexual issues, dizziness that has no other explanation and lasts for a few weeks - but they could be related to anything)

the doctor feels like the CT scan will show something but I’m not sure! Has anyone experienced similar symptoms in their diagnosis?


Is it your GP who’s done neurological exam and sending you for CT scan?

It seems strange if so, rather than refer you to a neurologist. Only a neurologist can diagnose MS, so the GP would be adding to the time it takes for diagnosis if it is MS.

Also, a CT scan cannot detect demyelinating lesions, so isn’t much help in diagnosis. What’s needed is an MRI scan, not CT.

You should be aware though that while your symptoms could add up to MS, the symptoms of MS also occur in other diagnoses.

I do really feel that your GP (if I’m reading your post correctly) should be referring you to a neurologist.