E621. Monosodium glutamate.


E numbered substances have question marks anyway for those careful with food intake. Monosodium glutamate E621 often called ‘flavour enhancer’ is something to be avoided I’ve heard. The highly flavoured salty taste is really good but if you like to watch what you eat apart from watching the Grand National cut this one out, or monitor it.

If you are one of those not bothered about what you eat ignore this but I know some people on here share my thoughts on what we eat.

Apparently it is camouflaged in many foodstuffs.

E621. Read the labels.


I agree, E621 is the devil’s e-number. Once in my healthy days I had a chinesse banquet in a very up-market restaurant. We then decided to have a very long night playing cards, Trivial Pursuit and listening to music. There was no alcohol around so I can’t blame that but I had to top up with 3 pints of water at various points. It is salt with attitude!

Best wishes, Steve

l can remember going to a Chinese Restaurant with a large crowd of friends. The food was delicious - but one of our friends collapsed and had a terrible ‘turn’. Paramedics had to be called. lt turned out to be MSG - monosodium-glutamate. She was ‘intolerant’ to it.

lt is a flavour enhancer and one of the problem E numbers. Reading the labels on food is getting harder to do as the print seems to be smaller and smaller - or is it just my aging eyesight?