E-med prescriptions for LDN

Hi all,

Can anyone who gets their LDN prescriptions through e-med please help me. I enrolled yesterday and was told that I would be contacted within 4 hours of enrolment. That did not happen and I have 'phoned today - only to get an ansaphone and have left a message. At this point I have heard nothing else. Is this normal? Any help or tips please!

Teresa xx


I got an email back from them - I've never tried to contact them by phone - maybe try emailing them?

Luisa x

Thanks Luisa,

I have left a 'phone message and written an e-mail. Hopefully, I’ll hear soon.

Teresa xx

Hi Teresa

For some reason I could not receive emails from emed, they got mine and acted on them but I just didn’t receive replies, I don’t know why, I now give them my work email where I do receive replies. Do you think this could be the problem with you?

I don’t know where the emails went, they didn’t go to junk email, they were sent but never received in my in box. Strange, never had this with emails from anyone else. Btw I am with btinternet.

They do eventually phone back so keep leaving messages, I’ve never had them answer the phone.


Thanks Cheryl,

I finally heard from them. They had to re-send my e-mail. So, I hope I don’t have the same problem again!

Teresa xx