my mums got cervical dystonia Im beginning to question whether Ive got it too

Has it been investigated? Did your neuros know about it?

Pretty important info I would think, although I have no idea if there is a genetic element.

Karen x

it hasnt been investigated one of the neuros were told about it, it can run in families, to be honest it just came to me today fingers bending over neck pulling to one side, going to gp next week

Hello Lally x I just looked to see what it is and found lots of information on this site xxxxx www.dystonia.org.uk


Hi again lally x Looking at the site now - I have never heard of dystonia before and had no idea blepharospasm is classed as a ‘dystonia’ - I had horrible eye twitching & spasming that lasted over 2 months recently! It became constant & was also waking me up at night - it got so intense and prolonged. It’s eased off now thank goodness!

At the time I also had jaw spasming going on - embarrassing when you are in public!! - it was happening so quick and violently I have actually cracked my wisdom tooth!! It’s odd though - I literally can’t repeat it on purpose - my jaw just won’t go that far back as a normal movement - a bit like grinding your teeth in your sleep but then can’t do it when you are awake!!

I so hope you get somewhere Lally x with all my heart xxx xxxxxjenxxx