Dx from MS Specialist


I thought i would update you all on how i went with my second opinion.

He has Dx me with RR MS, he went through my scan and i had many lesions, he also did a clinical exam which showed many things which were wrong.

He is going to put in a complaint regarding the other neuro who said it is absolutly not MS, as the symptoms i have and the evidence all says classic MS, he was so angry about the way i have been treated and apologised alot.

Anyway not sure how i feel at the moment still in shock i guess.


Carla xx




I am so pleased that you saw someone who actually knows what he's doing! (Also very pleased that he is going to put in a complaint; it is absolutely diabolical that a neuro should rule out MS against all the evidence because an LP is negative!)

It's never good to hear the words multiple sclerosis, but at least now you know and can get the right help for it.

Try and be extra kind to yourself over the coming months: it's probably going to be a bit of an emotional rollercoaster :-(  You'll get through it though; just hang in there.


Karen x

hi Carla…so sorry to hear of this news but your new neuro sounds ace and am very pleased to hear that they will complain about this other neuro. do hope you get loads of support from dr now you have finally got a dx…I can only imagine how hard this may be for you right now…be kind in yourself…and sigh a long sigh that at least now you are able to get the specific treatment and support that you need…bug hugs…
em x

What a good neuro you got this time!

Sorry for your diagnosis. At least you know what you are fighting now and hopefully can get on the right path with therapies etc.

Best wishes to you.


Hi Carla,

Well, it's good news that you now have a specialist - someone who clearly knows his stuff. It's also good that you know what's wrong. Better to know than not.

On the downside it's hard to get your head round - take your time adjusting to the news and go easy on yourself. Don't make any potentially life changing decisions right now, medications and therapies can make a huge difference to how we feel. Yes it's probably gonna be a rollercoaster of emotions over the coming months but you will get there.  So just take each day as it comes.


Debbie xx



Thank you all for the kind replies and hugs happy2, i know it will take some getting used to....i thought i would be fine as its been ongoing for so long, however, it does feel strange at the moment, i can no longer make excuses for what my symptoms maybe other than ms!!! done this for so long, trying always to find a different answer for why i am getting the symptoms i get.  I do know that in the back of my head i always sort of knew what it was but getting it comfirmed is strange! lol how wierd to think that when i have persued an answer for so long?

I am going to inform DVLA and look into my critical insurance cover, does anyone know if you usually need to be not working due to MS when you claim?

I want to say a big huge thank you to the replies/advice i have had when posting, if it wasn't for you all taking an interest and taking the time to reply to my questions i am sure i would have thought i was going mad!!

Carla xxx


Hi Carla

Sorry you have been diagnosed with MS, but at least you know what is wrong with you now.

Your new neuro sounds great, and its good he is going to complain about previous one.

You will probably now find yourself with a rollercoaster of emotions - cry, scream, shout, get angry etc.. But you will come to terms with it, and I do believe there is lots of support for the newly diagnosed.

Am thinking of you ((hugs)).

Paula xx

You don’t need to be not working to claim on a critical health policy - the diagnosis should be enough.

Ditto to all of the above and thanks to Karen advising me to check critical health I have just been paid out.

The only conditions on my policy were that you had had symptoms for 6mnths prior to the claim,and that the consultant could give proof of the diagnosis. It took 5 months to come through put the delay was due to a change in neuro and them taking so long to answer letters.

Be kind to yourself while coming to terms with everything,and you know where we all are.


Ditto ditto ditto
I find apologies help a lot.
Ms is tough but it does get easier
Not sure of your history. But do think who you are going to disclose to. Obviously dvla as you have done - car and travel insurance too.
But I chose not to disclose to friends except 1 as I didn’t want their ms stories about people being cured on diet and the like and unnecessary comments like you look so wel etc etc etc I just wanted to be treated normally if you know what I mean
However lots of people do disclose so you have to do what is best for you
Lots of hugs