dx changed today

hi all 

i've been on here for a while now and i had a dx of TM but after appt with neuro today i've been given a dx of RRMS.don't really remember much of appt as after looking at mri and then his change of dx i seemed to switch off.....just as well my wife was there to take rest of it in!!!

anyway just thought i would post todays events and say hi to you all

thanks for replies in advance

take care 


Hi Barry,

I have no idea what TM is but I do know RRMS as that is what I have. So I really don't know whether to say that's good or not. But having said that, welcome to the land of MS. I do hope you are not suffering to much and get your meds sorted out quickly.


Congratulations and commiserations Barry happy2letdown

And (((((hugs)))))

I can see I've got a few pm's - got a feeling one might be from you... Talk soon!