DWP refusal to pay following unanimous appeal at 1st Tire tribunal

An application for DLA was made in April 2011. Following 2 written rejections I appealed and had a hearing last month. The 1st tier tribunals decision was in my favour unanimously.I was awarded the higher rate of mobility and lowest rate of care indefinately . I have now recieved a letter from the DWP informing me of their intent to ask for a "Statement of reasons" as they are considering appealing the decision of the tribunal. It would appear to be yet another delay to stall making any payments I have recieved nothing to date. Has anyone encountered this and can anyone offer advice as to how best to procede.  Frustrating as it is I will not be "stressed out" by this GRRRRRRRRRRR .

Hi I don’t have any experience of DLA but I think Polly, ms43, might be able to help as she has direct payments and that may be DLA related.
Hope someone comes along soon to help you,
Chis may be that you might need to put the case to The Parliamentary Ombudsman...I helped a client take a case to the ombudsman in 2002 and at that time you had to have the support of your MP...we won then so good luck.



Contact The Equality and Human Rights Commission




Try the following link for info

Or contact the disabled law society, sorry don’t have URL.

Direct payments are not related to DLA you can get irrespective. Normally for paying for an external career when family, normal career ‘having. Break’ Lao for respite dare …etc. assessed by social services.

Hope an appeal goes well for you.

Good luck


Hi SOP!!

I had 2 personal applications for DLA rejected. I then went to the CAB, and with their kind assistance, I was awarded the lowest tier mobility payment - which I felt was totally inappropriate.

I then mentioned this to my Neuro when I next saw her, and she contacted the DWP on my behalf.  Lo and behold, they then assigned me the highest rate mobility allowance (which I should have had from the word 'go') without delay.

Is there a medical professional who could contact the DWP on your behalf and, hopefully, get your allowance corrected to the appropriate level for you?

Otherwise, some of the alternative routes suggested may be of help?

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