DWP Intentionally Misleads PIP Applicants

Proof the DWP intentionally misleads Personal Independence Payment applicants

Many MSers on the Forum mention difficulties with the PIP form relating to further medical evidence. You might like to read this story by Alex and his difficulties with the PIP form.

“I want to bring attention to the consent form wording ; “We may want to get information about your health condition of disability.” The word “may” will be important later on. In my opinion, it gives the impression that they will contact your doctors or others involved in your care as they will obviously know how you are affected day to day.”

"Now I find out not only they hadn’t but it was my responsibility to send anything they need. This is not clear at all. This is obviously why the use the term; ; “may contact” when you initially apply.

Many doctors will charge for a medical report, with some saying if the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) wanted one they’d write. In my opinion the Department is breaching the Equality Act 2010 because it is placing barriers in a claimants way."

Compensation for claimants?

“This is a clear case of maladministration as set out in the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) own guidance. It states if a claimant is told something but the Department do not follow up on this then the Department has committed maladministration and the claimant may be entitled to compensation.”

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Sounds pretty fair conclusions are being drawn,hard to argue against anything he says there!

both my neurologist and my GP wrote to the DWP after they had been contacted and i wasnt charged? is it a post code lottery thing again.

I remember going into the meeting, and the guy said straight away you wont be hear long as we have had full back up reports from both your GP and neuro ABOUT how your MS is impacting your life. that is the truth. he was right too i wasnt in there long and got enhanced in both. just saying.

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