DWP Coming here on Monday gulp!

I sent my form for PIP about 3 weeks ago, got phone call this morning someone is coming here on Monday between 10.30 and 12.30 to say im stressed is an understatement, it does not help that before I was diagnosed I put in for DLA à doctor came here I was told nothing wrong it was all in my head so I was turned down for it, my husband said I should stay in bed as on a bad day thats what happens, I dont know what to do, shoùld I let the doctor see im having trouble walking and need to use my vertical lift as cant use thè stairs and use my stick all the time! I would be appreciate anyones take on what to do.

Yes, of course you should do exactly as you do normally, when the assessor comes.

Did you appeal when you were turned down for DLA?

How long ago was it?

Going to all the expense and disruption of having the lift installed, wouldnt be done if you werent in real need of it, I`m sure!

I wouldnt stay in bed, unless you really are having a very difficult day (I know days can roll in to one and not seem that much better or worse), but it just might not hep the assessment an awful lot.

Did you send in some good supporting evidence of the problems you have?

I was given DLA indefinitely in 2008, but that gives me no confidence that I`ll get my full PIP award when my turn comes.

Good luck and let us know how it goes, yeh?



Poll has it exactly right, don’t behave as if it’s a bad day and you stay in bed. Try (!) to treat it as a normal day. Of course you should use the lift (if you need to go upstairs while they are there that is), just the fact that you have it should be noted.

Have a look at the PIP descriptors and the points each activity is given: https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/Global/Migrated_Documents/adviceguide/pip-9-table-of-activities-descriptors-and-points.pdf and try to get the assessor to see clearly how you fulfil each activity.

Best of luck


Have a PJ Day!

cariad65 listen to your husband and go to bed - and do NOT get up!

Let him answer the door for you and aid you during their visit.

As some know, I just got PIP enhanced for care and mobility ‘ongoing’ until 2026 without a visit!

I just stayed in bed in my PJs and sent my care plan and a GP letter to back up my form.

These documents gave a great deal of basic info on me - a list of symptoms - but also a picture of my daily living, as the MS Nurse and GP have visited me at home and know my home situation.

This picture might help you to paint a picture of your own:

They both explained that my husband answers the door for me - that I had not been out for sometime and have a history of falls.

Their description of me to ATOS seems to tick the right boxes and give them all the info they needed on my daily life.

For example, they mentioned: I live in a bungalow, which has no adaptations.

I am housebound, spend most of my day resting with pillows in bed.

I wear PJs and a cardigan and bed socks.

At my bedside I have: my zimmer and my wheelchair, towels - bath towel and molimed pads maxi, [I scored 8 points for incontinence - so mention UTIs] and a small extra electric radiator - so I am very self-contained - with extra drinks and cups and snacks for me at hand.

So when my husband goes out, I have food and drink at my bedside and don’t need to wheel myself to the kitchen.

My PJ bottoms have a draw string and are easier for me to use when I need the toilet. I have help with washing and dressing putting shoes and coat on - getting into and out of the bath using a bath lift and help drying my hair.

At home I use a zimmer to go to the bathroom - which is next door to my bedroom - but I need my wheelchair to visit the rest of the house, or for going in the garden in the summer or when going to the doctors.

I no longer go on shopping trips or other visits.

On my PIP wish list: I mentioned an electric wheelchair - as I can no longer push myself far with my manual one.

I also need more head and neck support - which is why I spend most my day in bed supporting my head with pillows. My head feels so heavy and I have neck pain and dizziness. I have an appointment with wheelchair services soon.

My MS nurse also mentioned the need for grab rails in the bathroom and ramps for the door to go outside, and that I often have falls due to poor balance and vertigo.

I am always in my bedroom and have it arranged so everything is to hand - I also have a chair and small table for visitors to sit and chat with me and a small bookcase with drawing books and pencils. I no longer read novels due to poor short-term memory, so these books have been moved to another room.

I have a bed table for meals and drinks I eat in bed, and I also have my laptop and a phone ready to hand.

I don’t do housework or cooking, anymore and gave up my driving licence 10 years ago, so I need others to take me places push my wheelchair and bring me home.

Rather dull to know, but it might help.

Good luck


Hi just be yourself. You wouldnt have these aids if you didnt need them. Take a deep breath. Let your husband answer the door and let the assessor see how you are.


I like the website www.benefitsandwork.co.uk.

It calculates the number of points you get and what benefits you should be eligible for.


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I wonder what assessors do if the person they’ve come to assess is having such a bad day they’re unable to get out of bed?

Mmm, me too.


Equally, if the physical exam is done at an assessment centre, what happens if the claimant is having a terrible day and for instance, can’t leave the house due to constant bowel incontinence? Or if the claimant has flu?

Incidentally, I suspect if you tell the assessor that you never leave the house as you’re too unwell to leave your bed, I wonder whether you’d qualify for the mobility element of PIP. If it’s granted under roughly the same premise as DLA for mobility, then it’s only payable to assist a person to leave the house. If you are unable to do so ever, then perhaps you wouldn’t qualify?


Sue has mentioned something you need to consider if you’re not housebound.


Hi how did it go?

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Yes, what happened??