DVLA - do you enclose licence

I know i should have sent it away but today I have filled the form in and its all correct so going to send it. Do you need to enclose your licence when you post the form away.And should i send t recorded delivery incase it goes missing.

ALso i let my insurance company know but they said they didnt need to know ive called them 3 times got different people as it seemed wrong but maybe this is right?

Thanks emma

Hello Emma No! You don’t have to send your license. I sent my form first class stamp. Good luck :slight_smile:

I did photocopy my form though :slight_smile:

Hi Emma,

Yes, you do have to notify your insurance company (as you may not otherwise be covered). They can’t charge you any extra, but it may be worth making sure they’ve put a note on your file.

Mags :slight_smile: xx

Well I have let my insurance company know they said it wasn’t important but I told them to make a note. Thanks Noreen I’ll just post the form then and keep my licence in a safe place (I’m famed for those)

Emma - as long as you have a licence and are medically fit to drive, the insurance company don’t mind…

My insurance company told me that one of the questions I agreed to was that I had or would keep the DVLA informed of any notifiable conditions, so they didn’t actually need to know about my MS. I guess if I had an accident they would check when I informed the DVLA.