dvla and a CIS episode

Hi all do I. Need to inform dvla of this diagnosis. My left gaze double vision has now almost rectified and I feel fine. Also do I have to inform car insurer ? Thanks in advance. This stuff really does turn your life upside down somewhat. Now I’m thinking travel insurance and allsorts of stuff. Emma :wink:

Hi Empielou

Glad you are feeling fine!

Yes - tell your insurer. Although when I told mine they werent really interested. Just made a note on my records.

It does turn your life upside down but in a weird way, you get used to it. Or at least I have. It hasnt really impacted our travel insurance as yet (not that we have really travelled out of Europe) hubby and I both have MS so I expected that to have a huge impact on insurance. Fortunately not - yet.


You’ll need to inform the dvla. That’ll probably change your licence to a 3 yr one. They send you the forms when it’s due for renewal so you havent got to remember! You be insured for MS if you have a diagnosis and suffer a relapse on holiday, My RRMSgnosed in 2005, 3 months after my cis when I had my 2nd attack aRRMR RM.Ive been lucky with fairly slow progression. This yr I notified my banks ‘free’ insurance and had to pay £75 extra but I think there are other options out there I’ll look into next year.