DVLA 3 Year Licence

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Iv just been told by letter i need to send my licence back to the dvla and get it replaced with a 3 year licence, From what people have told me i should be eligible for a blue badge based on this

Has anyone had any experience with this?

Thanks in advance

Eligibility for a blue badge is based on your level of disability and not just on having to declare a medical condition to DVLA. Sorry to burst your bubble but in my county, blue badges are only automatically awarded to people who have high mobility DLA or mobility component of PIP and it’s very difficult to obtain one without either of those.

I think you need to contact the local authority who issues blue badges for your area and check eligibility with them rather listening to hearsay. When I was first diagnosed, lots of well meaning folk told me I would be eligible for a mobility car and lots of benefits because that’s what the media portrays … in reality, things are very different.

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No you can’t get a blue badge just based on having a 3 year license. A blue badge is based on your being unable to walk 50metres or by fulfilling one of a number of criteria, one of which is receipt of DLA for mobility at the high rate (or the PIP equivalent). Have a look at the blue badge section of your local councils website. The issuing authority will be the county council, London borough, city council or metropolitan borough council if you’re in England and the equivalent in Wales, Scotland or N Ireland.

You will have to complete a form with the DVLA which tells them what relevant deficits you have and that’ll be certified by your GP. Then they’ll award you a license, if necessary limiting you to driving only an automatic or with adaptations (for eg) or not limiting you at all if you are safe to drive an ordinary manual car.


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I would confirm what the others have said: a 3-yr licence does NOT qualify you for a Blue Badge.

Your local authority will have set some limits on how far you can walk unaided (or unsupported), and in the absence of higher rate DLA mobility (or similar) that is what will be used.
Often this is 20 metres - or even less.
Now, two things:

1 - Do not send back your old licence. Wait until you have the new one. They say something like “this letter can be used as a licence until you have your new one”. I wonder how many policemen know that. How many car hire firms know that. I would not like to try it on a Gendame somewhere in France. I have never returned my licence when asked - and never been asked again.

2 - The present BB setup is that you can fill in a form on the YouGov website You can get to the application system direct at:

or download a form for a look (this one is from Bromley, Kent [well it was when I lived in Kent] and they are all the same.

Watch the questions. I suggest copying or multiple downloads, and filling one in in pencil first. You will be asked how far you can walk (no problem for me, i cannot manage two steps without support) and much later on where is the nearest local landmark (could be a street corner) that you can walk to. The two answers had better be the same distance!

If you can do 50 metres without support - forget a BB. 20 metres with two sticks and a rest part way - probably. they are getting harder to get (and with good reason). The do not seem to consider that some folk need a BB for the wider parking space because they need that just as much to be able to get in/out.

Do it online, and the form gets sent to your local council by the firm that produce the BBs. The council decide and tell the firm when they get your £10 fee, and the firm create, and mail out your badge. I have covered my bets by contacting my local BB unit and asking when they will make the decision.
Remember you will need a digital photo (to passport standard), a copy of your Passport or Driving licence (to prove you are who you claim to be) and a copy of a utility or Council Tax bill to prove that you live in that council’s area.

Jump through enough hoops, and get a BB. Now you have to remember to display it.



just to clarify entitlement under PIP.

You do not need enhanced rate of PIP. 8 points (standard rate) under descriptor 12 (moving around) is enough for a blue badge. This info is from GOV.UK