Dump Trump!

For crying out loud…, let’s hope that this man will NOT…, I said will NOT become the next president of the USA!

I have for example just ‘met’ his girl-friend on the ‘One o’clock news’… This ex model is dating(?) Mr Trump (must be his looks…) and came on stage during one of his appearances, these to promote him standing for president…

She gave away very quickly that she forgot to buy any brain cells during her last shopping trip…, as she copied part of a speech that had already been held by Mrs Obama several years ago…

Watch the 6 o’clock news and fear! If not shown again I suspect Mr Trump of having sent ‘some money’ to the UK to avoid further embarrassment…

However…, I apologise beforehand in case Mr Trump offers me a lot of money to shut me up… I shamefully admit that I would then accept, as I will then be able to ‘buy’ life long personal care for my daughter…

I have spoken… (again :)…), regards Jos.

01/12/2017 Told you he was/is a danger to the world! BTW, listen to LBC to stay up to date!


armaggeddon looms with trump over there and his love child (boris) here.

let’s all get pissed.

carole x


Drumpf - Bachmann 2016! Embrace the Insanity!!!

Oh cumon’ cut the guy sum slack!! he’s not real ya know! is he?? god bless America & god save the rest of the world…,…

js kid’n big fella Yaki (AKA) Donald d Duck

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Someone said a few years back:

America has Barack Obama, Britain has Boris O’Barmy


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Now that’s what I call the plan. Who’s round is it?

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It’s your round of course, I’ll have a double - cheers !!! wink

Mind’s a black Russian…a d there’s absolutely no racism in my request!

Incase anyone doesn’t know what goes into a black Russian , I’ll tell you…

Cola, tia Maria and vodka!

Boy! they’re good!!



well i brought the subject up so it’s likely my round.

i’ll have a tanqueray gin, tonic and all the trimmings (slices of lemon, orange, lime and juniper berries).

if the world is going to hell in trump’s handcart there is nothing else to do.

carole x

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Thanks Carole, I left my wallet in my other suit.

I’ll set up a tab at the bar. It’s going to be a long summer.

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Reserve me a table somewhere cool and shady please


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table?? it’s standing room only

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He has already been immortalised as a piece of cockney rhyming slang, although it’s not exactly flattering.

Do you mean sitting room if one is unable to stand? If so, a nice glass of something pink would go down a treat on a hot day. And I don’t mean cherryade.


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Tia maria!!!? Outrageous.

Kahlua. Always.

And i will have my Russian white please… no cow juice tho… strictly almond milk.

Dangerously, head spinningly morish!

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apt if not flattering

If dreams could come true… i would wish for Trump to get elected as POTUS.

And then at his inauguration, he turns around and asks, “Are you kidding me? I am horrible! Look at the lies, the racism, the bigotry, the misogyny, the duplicity, the vacuous and intangible promises… I am the worst possible option.”

He then shakes his head, drops the mic, grabs his juvenile fourth wife, his mutant offspring, jumps into the Trump-copter and flies away into permanent obscurity.

I have to think, he doesn’t want the job; it is merely his ego that compels him to see if he could fool enough people to get it.


How about this - he is secretly working for Hilary. This is his way of making sure she gets elected cause he’s the only person that could make her look good.

its worrying that those two are the best America could come up with.

and mines a Disaranno & Coke - it tastes like Dr Pepper (no driving though Paolo )

JBK xx

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So I have friends and family in Southern Nevada, who are staunch Republicans.

They are seriously concerned about the prospect of having Trump as the Republican candidate (“No way is he fit to be our president”) when the alternative is having to vote for Hilary C (shock! horror! she is a Democrat).

It is a bit like the choices for the leadership of the Labour Party.


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All this bumph about the USA elections is a serious business, but I am extremely worried and very concerned about summat Carole said. ie 'standing room only '…help!!! I can’t chuffin stand! So who’s going to prop me up?