Dull aches

Hey everyone!

Recently ive been experiencing a new pain, i usually get shooting sharp pains through out my limbs but on Thursday mid afternoon i got this constant dull ache in my upper left arm which lasted until Saturday morning, it actually felt like my bones were sore. Today, again, mid afternoon i have the same pain and its a constant dull ache only in my right arm this time. I also felt like today my double vision was a bit worse than it has been. Could this be a relapse?

Thank you in advance for your replies.

hi lukezni

it could be a new symptom and class as a relapse

or it could be osteo arthritis or rheumatism.

your GP could advise and maybe refer you to rheumatology.

call your ms nurse first.

my husband and i refer to those kind of aches and pains as ‘old age and decripitude’.

I refer to them as a fogging nuisance.

My usual dull aching upper arms are caused by leaning heavily on a walker, even just for the few metres a day I walk. So, in my case at least, it’s more a muscular thing than a neurological thing.

With double vision, it’s often a good idea to see an optician. I know you end up paying for a sight test, but it’s the fastest way of seeing if there is any current inflammation on your optic nerve, ie optic neuritis.

Either way, as Carole suggests, speak to your MS nurse about the symptoms, see what s/he thinks.