Dry suit for hydrotherapy pool

Hi folks

I would like to use the hydrotherapy pool in my local therapy centre, problem is I have eczema and my skin doesn’t like water, especially with chemicals in. I was told by a a friend that I could use a dry suit, has anyone had any experience of these? they are very expensive, (used by divers and sailors and such like), but I have found some on A… that are not so bad, but don’t want to buy one if it’s not any good for me.

Thank you for any help you can give.

Wendy x

I am not an expert but from what people have told me (I know a couple of recreational divers and someone who used to be a professional diver on oil rigs after leaving the Royal Navy) dry suits are really quite bulky so the idea of using them in a hydrotherapy session would seem a bit odd if not a complete non-starter. They are not snug skin-tight things like wet-suits.

Wouldn’t they restrict your movement to an extreme level?

Also, what would protect the skin on your feet and your hands from reacting to the pool water? Do you have excema on your peripheral parts too? It would seem impossible to try to do work in a hydrotherapy pool with boots and gauntlets! (Also your head and face - you are likely to get splashes of water there no matter what you do even though you are unlikely to need to fully submerge)

And how is your excema likely to react to the material that the suit is made of?

Thanks for the reply Boblatina, you are probably right about them being too bulky, they do supply socks with them, funny enough my hands don’t seem to be affected. Perhaps not a good idea, still the therapy centre has lots of other things to play with so once I’ve had a visit, I can take it from there.