drugs & the nuero

hi all,

got my nuero this afternoon and i want something to give me more energy through the day.

i’m currently taking 40mg propranolol twice daily for tremmor and 100mg sertivex for depression, both of which seem to be working but i’m soo tired all the time!!!

was only diagnosed last november so we’re fine tuning my treatments.

any suggestions please


May be too late (I mean you may already be in appointment) but might ask for/about Famprya. This is a walking drug, in theory but has made a massive difference to my fatigue levels. Gone from needing to lie down or sleep a couple of times in the day and sleeping 8-9 hours a night to just needing 7 hours in the night.

Funding difficult on this - you should be able to get a month’s free trial, if you have any walking problems (if not your neuro may refuse to prescribe it anyway). After that you will possibly have to pay loads if you want to keep taking it but at least one hospital in Birmingham is providing it cheap.


what do you mean by ‘walking problems’ plz hun?

I get mobility issues when i get fatigued (a daily problem like the original poster of this thread) but the only thing I have been offered is poxy Amantadine. Well, i may as wel have been taking ‘smarties’ for the good it did :frowning:

Not been offered anything else since n told there isn’t anything they have to help - yeah thnx 4that medics :frowning:

thnx hun

Anna x

I suppose I mean needing a stick to walk. Or needing two - it was when I went to needing two that my neuro suggested Fampyra