Drug trials

Hello out there, just wanted some advice, I have just been to see my specialist to discuss drug trials, I have been offered either Tecfidera or Alemtuzumab. After listening to all the facts, figures and side effects he gave me, and reading about these two drugs on the MS website my head is spinning. Has anyone tried these drugs, or are currently taking them. Would really like to hear your views from real people who are living with all of this on a daily basis, rather than a load of facts and figures and percentages.


I had alemtuzumab (1st round) in February. The side effects weren’t as bad as I had expected. During the 5days of infusion I experienced a headache a slight rash and tiredness. After the last day I went home and it totally wiped me out, sleeping on and off for about 2days. But overall nothing alarming.

I think the side effects and possible risks definitely make your head spin, but for me the benefits totally out wayed those!

I haven’t relapsed since (touch wood) and my reoccurring symptoms seem to have greatly improved, and they’ll no doubt improve more after the 2nd round.

Hope this helps! Any questions just ask because I know not many have had this treatment. :slight_smile:


Hi Alison Bit confused about you saying drug trials been on Tecfidera for 3 years no problems with side effects for me and no relapses since. Where you not given a booklet on it rather than relying on the web ? Thought all trials had finalised as it is approved. Know nothing about the other. What is important is you choose and get the funding which you has been offered and start taking one, to reduce the chances of relapses. I was not offered any, till I became disabled. Bertie