Drop Foot

​When my drop foot occurred over 15 years ago in the UK, their solution was a brace. In France now I have physiotherapy twice a week at home & with my physio help I can now lift my big toe & my foot slightly for a few steps when walking, meaning Ido not drag my foot for a few steps. Just hope this progress continues.

Does anyone else have solutions to drop foot, maybe one day Iwill be able to walk without using my 2 crutches & for a distance greater than 20meters.

l have a SAFO - which is good - and a FES. Last week l went back for my 6month review with the FES - which l was finding a bit fiddly to use - and to my delight they fitted me with a ‘blue-tooth’ version - which is much better. No wires connecting the foot part. Physio and Pilates has helped me a lot.

l do not use crutches - l have a rollator - Topro olympus - it keeps me upright and balanced - and l can carry lots of things in the bag part - and always have a seat when l need to sit down. And the seat is at just the right height. l love it. Without the rollator keeping me going l think l would be in a wheelchair by now.