Hi everyone, I really need some help, when driving a motorway or fast main road I’m having some really strange feelings of the car being out of control as if its aqua plaining or zig zaging in the lane, in actual fact the car is not doing any of these things but to me it feels like it is and I feel totally out of control, my passengers tell me I’m a good driver and not to think about it, today I was on the M5 and had to stop and let my passenger take over as I was shaking with fear, I’ve had the all clear to drive from medics but this feeling is really scary, has anyone else had this happen to them Jane

I can no longer drive on motorways. I find it so stressful,the lanes and traffic moving either side of me freak me out and play havoc with my eyes.I couldn’t drive for 3years with double vision,back driving now but won’t go near motorways

Hi Rose thanks for answering, I thought I was going mad when this started, its really hard to explain how I feel but its one of the scariest feelings I’ve ever had, people around me keep saying its just nerves on to take control and ignore what I’m feeling but I can’t

Jane I can no longer drive on motorways and struggle on dual carriageways too, I think it’s more of a confidence thing than anything! I used to drive 100s of miles when I was working and never had a problem. I think you may be worrying for nothing, let others do the motoways and you stick to the local roads that you know that’s what I do. I’m sure there will be others in the same situation. Sue x

Thanks Sue I used to drive 700 miles a week, tow caravans and trailers, never had a problem, I’m not sure if its confidence all I know is its horrid and makes me panic I actually feel like my heart will pop out my chest where its beating so hard, yet I’m not worried about being on the motorway until I suddenly feel the car doing things that its not doing Jane x

Jane How is for you when someone else does the driving?? Sue x

I’m ok and prefer to be driven but I still get this feeling that the car is floating on the road and not quite under the control of the driver and if on small lanes I have an issue with them being to close to the hedges

Hi Jane, I haven’t experienced this. However, when I am stationary at traffic lights, I feel as though the car is moving backwards! It’s even worse when on a hill. Very bizarre.

Zigzag I’ve experienced that too, it is bizzare isn’t it :frowning:

I didn’t feel safe at all, my friend is taking me out in her car and see if I close my eyes I still get it, she said people who suffer from migraines get similar visual problems and it could be the strobe effect of large roads

Hi I’ve had my licence reissued for three years but personally, I will not be driving whilst I feel like this. It is dangerous not just to myself but to other road users. Also, if in an accident, the insurers could decide to invalidate my insurance if it was deemed that my symptoms caused the accident.

I’m to afraid to drive at the moment I’ve got intouch with the doctor and a driving instructor who will take me out when I’m ready to see how I get on, its difficult not driving here, we have no public transport only a bus on Fri that goes to town and comes back again and the nearest shop is 4 miles away, but hubby will just have to get bits on his way home from work

Same here, Jane. We’re quite rural. I had only had my prized new car 6 weeks when this started…gutted. Looks very pretty sitting on the driveway tho !!! Internet shopping is the best !!! Xx

Hi, sorry to say, but it doesn`t really sound like you should be driving.

luv Pollx

Hi its ok after yesterday I’ve stopped driving until this sorts its self out

Hi Jane I haven’t experienced that myself but zig zag and bambi I have also had the feeling of the car moving when it should be stationary! It’s been a complete nightmare with all the snow don’t know if its me or the weather!!! Don’t like it! Lainey

Hi Jane. Was sent to a neurophysiotherapist & head doc cos of this! VERY, VERY real. Am now “controlling” it to a fashion. Dont do motorways or stressful roads. worth it to keep licience. Used to drive all motorways to uni, cant do it now, feeling of no control, sound familiar? Tracey xx

Going anon for paranoid (DVLA) reasons.

I have recently developed a sense of everything going too fast and being out of control when driving, particularly at night. It’s like I’m in a race, right on the edge of losing control, but when I look at the speedo I might only be doing 30mph.

It doesn’t happen all the time and I’m sure it’s not dangerous because I am in control and I am a very experienced and well qualified driver, but it’s really hard work :frowning: I’m also scared that it might get worse. I would be lost without the car.

Has anyone had this and it’s gone away?

Yes, I have which is why I don’t drive despite the DVLA saing that I can. I’m sorry if this sounds harsh, but I am genuinely shocked by some of these posts. If anyone is suffering from cognitive, sensory or spatial difficulties they should not be getting behind the controls of a potential killing machine. It is simply dangerous, not just for yourself but for other innocent road users. At best you could injure someone. You could also be prosecuted for dangerous driving, lose your licence completely and invalidate your insurance. Please, please think twice about driving when feeling like this.

I stopped driving in 2011 and sold my car after having had one for the last 27 yrs.

I have had ON twice and found judging spaces difficult. I crashed my new car the week I had it and when I phoned hubby saying it was because I wasn’t used to the size yet, he pointed out it was the same car just a newer model!!

I found like many of you that things seemed to be going passed me at high speed,and on occasions I would wonder what to do next to change gear. You can’t call that in proper control of what in my hands could be called a weapon.

As time goes on the position your foot is in on the pedals is a thing that causes my muscles to scream at me, so although I keep my licence and am insured to drive hubbys car I doubt I would get passed the end of the road even if I tried.

I wouldn’t trust myself to take my kids in a car with me driving so its not fair to subject other people to what I may do if I drove.

Buses aren’t an option because of the standing so I live in my bubble at home or walk the short distance to shops if I need to.

Its unfair but necessary in my view.