Driving Licence

Hi all,
Just wondered if when anyone else got through their 3 year driving licence if they got a paper counterpart with it?

I really can’t remember if I have lost my paper part or didn’t get one (I don’t remember getting one and don’t normally lose really important stuff)

MS brain not fully working as usual!


Isobel xx

I’ve definitely got the paper bit - I had to find it just the other week for something (can’t remember what though!).

Karen x

Ah! Insurance renewal!

Thanks…I’ll blame the loss on my husband then! I leave things in various piles (which I know the contents of) and he goes round tidying up…putting all my piles into one big pile! Arrrggghh!

Isobel x

Thats the thing with piles aint it…annoying little blighters!!!

Sorry couldnt resist.

lol :wink:

Karen x

You are lucky my hubby shreds everything!