dr/nurse/consultant relationship

Good morning, just a quick question to any one out there if they know, Does the MS nurse talk to the GP or consultant? If i talk to the ms nurse about something does she send a report to GP or consultant? or if i want something on my medical records for future reference do i need to see GP as well? id seen a MS nurse who works at the hosp with consultant, and she said she’d pass on some info to the consultant in case further action needed to be taken. When i saw the consultant she had no idea, maybe just a one off?? but now i see a more local nurse. Have seen no point in going to GP with every relapse or issue as will just get told “yes you have ms it might be a relapse” but as things get worse not sure i can work much more aand will need it all on record. so will seeing the nurse be enough or do i have to see the dreaded GP as well?



The MS nurse will speak to the consultant in meetings and by email. The MS nurse and consultant will often write to the GP. The GP will also write to the consultant.

I have written myself to the consultant before. They usually reply with just an acknowledgement letter, but thats fine by me. I also email my MS nurse if I have a relapse. Its good so I have a record of it and she tells me she will let the consultant know.

It is a good idea if you have a relapse to have a urine test to check for a UTI, do this on day one of the relapse if you can. This urine infection test will need to be done at your GP surgery so you can be prescribed antibiotics if its a pesudo relapse.

I don’t have a consultant so I can’t comment on that. When I see my MS nurse for my annual appointment if there is anything new to report she sends a letter to my GP and a copy to me. Also if I ring her and she recommends something ie medication she will send a letter to GP and I get a copy.

Ring your nurse and tell her the situation you are in and that you may need a report off her for retirement purposes. I am going through what I hope will result in Medical retirement. I think the “pension people” will get in touch with my GP and MS nurse directly for reports on my health but if they want me to obtain these then I will simply ask them. My GP signs my sick note so he knows what’s going on and I have rang my nurse to put her in the picture. They must get dozens of requests for this kind of thing every year it’s us who don’t the process.

Like you I haven’t spoken to my GP about my day to day problems, he can’t do anything so why bother. Like you I am now concerned that because I have always just got on with it there is not much of a record about the problems I face daily. They are professionals though and I have faith that they know the kind of Patient I am in that respect and that they also know I am genuine and am not trying to work the system.

When I could no longer cope with my work I went to my GP and told him about the problems I was having and why I wasn’t coping at work. He asked me what I wanted him to do, it stunned me a bit as to how to answer so I said that in an ideal world he would put me on the sick and work would sick retire me, he then asked how long did I want sick note for. He actually laughed and said what would I have done if he had refused, said he knows I am genuine and that he is happy to keep me on the sick for as long as it takes. I haven’t seen this Doctor for about ten years. I think all medical people keep each other informed of whats going on when they share patients.

Now is the time to start telling the professionals how you are progressing and how you are finding day to day living and working getting more difficult.

Hope that helps.

Jan x

Thanks for that, much help.

Lenny i bought my own urine testing strips online and if i have a relapse i do test, but as they have all been neg never bothered the GP. ufort i wa brought upwithout ve beingken to GP ( did bike aged 13 4miles wohen had shingles, as my moter woul not take me, not to mention xray results showing an un treateded injury from 2 yrs before aged 11!) S i guese im conditioned not to waste GPs time! Im just not very good at moaning and i suppose like to pretend all is well. But when i cant work, means i might have to get out there a bit more and actually say whats going on rather than pretending all is well!

yet another new skill i must learn thanks to MS.