Dr called me back after lumbar puncture results before my review date

Hello. I had a lumbar puncture around 4 weeks ago. I also have I an MRI scan booked for the End of the month and my review and test results day early November. My dr phoned me saying he wants to see me this Friday before my review date and MRI. Has this happened to anybody else. Some test results come back fine but it’s the test results what took 3 weeks he wants to talk to me about.

Hi, Is it the neuro or your GP who has called you?

If it is the GP, your neuro may have been in touch with him/her, to speak to you on his behalf.

If it is the neuro, then I am surprised you had a call from him. Guess you`ll have to wait and see, but Friday is only 2 sleeps away.

Let us know how it goes hun.


It was my neuro. That’s what’s worrying. If all the tests were negative then wouldn’t I have the MRI and my original appointment.

It was my neuro :-s